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What Clients Are Saying

Melinda has worked wonders with me! I was struggling to walk due to a back injury accompanied with sciatica. After a few sessions I’m now able to go on country walks again.I can highly recommended Melinda without her treatments I don’t know where I would be today!

Jo B

I always look forward to seeing Melinda. Her treatments have made significant and lasting positive changes to my both my physical and emotional wellbeing. She is utterly professional, highly knowledgeable, friendly and approachable. Highly recommended.

TS London

Wonderful, tranquil, peaceful and safe place to receive genuinely caring and fantastic CST.  Melinda is highly trained and brilliant.  I can't recommend her more highly

RI Chiddingstone

Melinda is an excellent practitioner, always ensuring that one feels safe, secure and in an environment built on mutual trust and understanding. She calmly and carefully explains the process and the expectations of the treatment, and she does this each time after she has carefully listened to the experience of each individual she treats.
She has worked hard to provide a treatment room that is welcoming and more than meets the need for calm, quiet and confidentiality for each treatment.
My personal experience with several treatments with Melinda has been very encouraging. I have always been left with a long lasting state of calm and deep peace.
I can not recommend you try it highly enough.

EW Sevenoaks

Melinda is an exceptional person. She has helped me so much with an ongoing fatigue issue. Her work is truly unique. She is a superb example of someone that genuinely loves her work, and nothing is too much for her regards her client’s welfare. I will be seeing Melinda for many years to come and cannot recommend her highly enough.

NW Tunbridge Wells

Melinda . So new to me . Craniosacral  Therapy .
At my age of 80 years - meeting this wonderful lady who through her faith and belief in her chosen profession gives so much to help and heal those who need it . 
A one hour - so peaceful and gentle - can begin to bring relief from trauma - be it physical - emotional . Even those stored within the body over the years .
Treatment in a beautiful relaxed environment - so lucky to have found you . 
Thank you .

MF Langton Green

Melinda has a very loving, welcoming and relaxing presence. In my sessions with her, I found her to be intuitive and the treatment itself was very powerful- it released some long held emotion and Melinda's support and guidance really helped me process everything. She picked up on something about myself that I've been resisting for a long time and all this through the power of Craniosacral therapy. I would recommend Melinda to anyone.

Ja B Tunbridge Wells

I do get a lot of pain from a very dysfunctional spine causing a lot of tension, but my sessions with Melinda are deeply relaxing and definitely reducing my pain level.

JL Hadlow

If you're operating on a star system, 5 stars: I thoroughly enjoy my sessions with Melinda. Not only does she take the time to make me feel relaxed, but she explains everything she is doing step by step to ensure I am comfortable and discusses everything she has learnt from our session which helps me to understand my injury better. I am incredibly thankful for her patience and understanding. She always makes me feel listened to and believed, which I do not believe is a common trait amongst all therapists that treat chronic pain. Her practice room is immensely calming, and I look forward to every session I have with her to learn more about my body and learn how I can encourage it to heal. I cannot recommend Melinda enough, an expert in her field and a woman who I am proud to call my therapist.

EC Tunbridge Wells

Melinda is truly excellent at what she does. She provides a professional and safe environment, from the moment you walk into Melinda's room she has created an atmosphere that you can instantly relax in. She always lets you know in advance if she's going to place her hands on you, I cannot stress how grateful I am for this and how much I trust her because of it. I find people touching me quite difficult and irritating, but Melinda is so gentle and talks you through the whole process that you instantly feel relieved, and like you can relax. I could not recommend Melinda more highly, she delivers an exceptional level of service, beautifully treading the line between friendly and professional.

TW Tunbridge Wells

Melinda is a magical Craniosacral Therapist!  She has worked wonders with me at each session and has a clear intuition to give her clients what they need.  I always feel comfortable and safe in her hands.  I would recommend Melinda to anyone.

JB Tunbridge Wells

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