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Fees, Contact and Parking


£60 per appointment

An appointment is approximately 50 minutes, please allow an hour.


Tuesdays - 8am - 8.30pm

Wednesdays -  9am to 8.30pm

Thursdays - 8am - 8.30pm


Please email me detailing your preferred dates/times for an appointment.

The Well of Healing,

11-13 Lonsdale Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, TN1 1NU

01892 640062 or 07879 647532

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11-13 Londsdale Gardens is the last building on the left.  You can park in Clanricard Gardens and Lonsdale Gardens from the post box upwards (not the bottom end by The Barn).  Parking is monitored by cameras and is for the duration of the appointment only (sadly you can’t leave your car and go off into town).  If you want to park for an extended time, The Great Hall car park is paid parking and is marked on the map.
For your first appointment I will meet you on the steps, after that you can press buzzer number 1 and I will buzz you in.  My phone number is 07879 647532 if you get stuck.

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